Behind the name Green Barbès are 2 ideas: the multicultural mix of Barbès and an ideal
of naturalness reclaiming the city.

Green Barbès is a natural cosmetics brand 100% made in France, offering to demystify the beauty industry by teaching customers to make their own skincare products. It is articulated around the values of commitment, learning and transparency.

The mission of Green Barbès is a different economy, making a positive contribution to the common good. Our values are based on responsible consumption of high-quality products that respect resources.

The Green Barbès products are aimed at a curious and enterprising audience. We claim a logic of «making» and «making together» which constitutes the strong DNA of the brand. We believe in cosmetics that respect people and the environment.

This approach illustrates our desire to challenge the codes of traditional cosmetics, by creating skincare kits for doing-it-yourself within a «secure setting». We democratise autonomy through knowledge. We believe that with the right supervision and a playful approach, people can learn by doing and thus become their own experts.

Our concept unveils cosmetic formulas by openly revealing the ingredient list.


Photo credit – Vianney Tisseau for Slow Soup

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